2017 Annual Congregational Meeting

The 2017 Annual Congregational Meeting Packet, which can be viewed or downloaded via the link below, contains:

  • this year’s meeting agenda and housekeeping rules
  • the minutes from the 2016-17 mid-year congregational meeting and the 2016 annual congregational meeting
  • the Treasurer’s report for 2016-17
  • the proposed budget for 2017-18
  • bios of the candidates for the Board and standing teams
  • annual reports from the Board of Trustees, staff, and standing teams

2017 Annual Congregational Meeting Packet

All Church members are invited to attend the Annual Meeting. To be eligible to vote, you must meet the eligibility requirements listed below. If you haven’t yet met the eligibility requirements but want to do so and still vote at the Annual Congregational Meeting, you can ask the Board of Trustees to waive the requirements. To request a waiver, please email your request to president@asuuc.net, or present a written request to Dorrie Stewart, the current President, prior to the meeting. Include a reason (e.g., I met all requirements but did so after April 21).

Eligibility Requirements

Per Church bylaws, to be eligible to vote at the 2017 Annual Congregational Meeting, you must be a Member Emeritus, or you must meet these requirements:

  • On or before April 21, 2017, you made a pledge for 2017-18. (If you pledged as a household, all household members meet this requirement.)
  • Between May 21, 2016 and May 21, 2017, you made at least one monetary contribution of record to the Church budget or to the Endowment Fund. (If a household meets this requirement, all household members meet it, too.)
  • You are 16 or older, and you have signed the membership book (or your ChurchDB status is Member).