2018 Annual Congregational Meeting

The 2018 annual congregational meeting was held at noon on Sunday, May 20, 2018.

The meeting minutes have been finalized as an approval-ready draft. To view or download them, click here. (Traditionally, annual meeting minutes are presented for approval at the next congregational meeting.)

Here is the President’s summary:

With 63 voting members present, we had almost 50% participation of our membership. Thank you for your commitment to our church governance. According to our bylaws our church is “constituted in the congregational manner; that is, the members acting at a legally called meeting are the ultimate authority in all matters of governance.

We approved the following at our annual meeting:

  • Explore further only those options related to STAYING in our current building – this passed by 84%.
  • We, as a congregation, will spend the next few months exploring the stay options and hope to have a special congregational meeting to proceed with the best stay option.
  • Advanced $40k from the endowment to immediately start Building & Grounds projects pertinent to staying in our current facility – this was approved unanimously.
  • Defeated a motion to hire armed security guards during the Sunday service – 96% of votes were against this motion.
  • Elected the following Board of Trustee positions:
    • Judie McMath, President
    • Wendy Mike, Vice-President
    • Gary Harrison, Treasurer
    • Kate Harrison, Secretary
    • Larry Norfleet, Past President
    • Jim Michali, Member-at-Large
    • Shawn Yasutake, Member-at-Large
    • Terry Schultz and Bruce Leeson will remain on the board
  • Elected to Team on Ministry and Congregational Relations:
    • Karla Crescenta
    • Lindsay Teplesky
    • August Mergelman
  • Elected to the Nominating Team:
    • Marguerite Terze
    • Jessie Trovik
  • Elected to the Nominating Team:
    • Jay Hatfield
  • Approved the proposed budget for FY 2018-19 – approved by 88%.
  • Budget highlights:
    • Administrative staff raises 4-10%.
    • Reinstated $6500 in ministerial professional expenses.
    • Paid our UUA/MDD fair share dues of $11,610.
    • Used $50,134 from the endowment to balance this budget.

My sincerest appreciation to the Board of Trustees and to the entire congregation for all the efforts to make this a successful year for All Souls.

Respectfully submitted,
Larry Norfleet, President