Don McLean Cantata

The Don McLean cantata was performed by the All Souls Band on July 30, 2017. The Order of Service and the List of Performers are below. If you attended (or missed) the cantata and want to know more about Don McLean’s music, you can start here. Click any of the following links for more info.

Order of Service

  • Prelude: Vincent (Don McLean) – piano solo performed by Mark Arnest
  • Chalice Lighting – by Celce Cain
  • Welcome and Announcements – by Rick Schwarz
  • Song for All Ages: Wonderful Baby (Don McLean) – performed by Rick Schwarz
  • Singing the Children Out: Reeb Children’s Benediction (Ian W. Riddell) – Congregation accompanied by Mark Arnest
  • Narration – by Monica Watson
  • Song: Prime Time (Don McLean, lyrics adapted by Rick Schwarz) – performed by the All Souls Band (Rick Schwarz, lead vocals)
  • Song: Homeless Brother (Don McLean) – performed by Wendy Mike with the All Souls Band
  • Song: You Can’t Blame The Train (Terri Sharp, recorded by Don McLean) – performed by the All Souls Band (Karen Wilsey, lead vocals)
  • Song: Crossroads (Don McLean) – performed by the All Souls Band (John Garrett, lead vocals)
  • Narration – by John Garrett
  • Offertory
  • Offertory Song: Killing Me Softly With His Song (Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel, based on a poem by Lori Lieberman) – performed by Heidi Cooper with the All Souls Band
  • Narration – by Karen Wilsey
  • Song (round): Babylon (Don McLean) – performed by the All Souls Band, then sung by the Congregation
  • Extinguishing the Chalice
  • Postlude: American Pie (Don McLean) – performed by the All Souls Band (Rick Schwarz, lead vocals)

List of Performers

The All Souls Band was joined for this cantata by musical guests Wendy Mike and Heidi Cooper. Will Crow and Mark Arnest developed lead sheets and scores for the songs, Marguerite Terze balanced the sound for the performance, Monica Watson and Rick Schwarz developed the cantata, and Rick wrote the narration.

The musical performers, listed alphabetically, were:

  • Mark Arnest – piano
  • Celce Cain – vocals
  • Heidi Cooper – vocals, guitar
  • Glen Day – banjo, guitar
  • John Garrett – vocals
  • Wendy Mike – vocals, guitar
  • Rick Schwarz – vocals
  • Karen Wilsey – vocals
  • Monica Watson – vocals, percussion