Auction Night

Auction Night is Saturday, October 21 … and the action starts at 5:00 pm! Here’s what you need to know.


  • 5:00 – Check-in (registration), Silent Auction, beverages, raffle sales
  • 5:15 – Dinner buffet (see Menu at the bottom of this page) open for self-serve; background music
  • 5:45 to 6:45 – Silent Auction tables, HOT Board and stage gallery close in sequence
  • 6:00 – Costume and Movie Party (free childcare) starts downstairs
  • 6:45 – Dinner buffet closes
  • 7:00 – Live Auction
  • 8:00 – Checkout begins; dessert buffet opens after Live Auction
  • 8:30 – Costume and Movie Party ends; Auction Night ends

How It Works

  • At check-in, get your bidder # and catalog. (Proxies: register separately for each bidder.)
  • The catalog has a guide in front that explains how to bid.
  • The dinner and dessert buffets – featuring lovingly prepared foods in a variety of dishes including vegetarian and gluten-free – are self-serve. The beverage buffet is staffed by a server.
  • The Costume and Movie party – with the movie The Lego Batman Movie, popcorn, dessert and surprises – starts downstairs at 6:00. Children are welcome to browse the buffet with their parents before then.
  • There will be superhero-themed photo booths upstairs and downstairs for souvenir photos.
  • There will be multiple raffle drawings throughout the evening.
  • All Silent Auction closings (tables, HOT Board, stage gallery) will have an announced 5-minute warning.
  • The stage gallery is on the stage in the Great Hall.
  • Checkout starts after the Live Auction. You can choose to pay right away or receive a bill. (Winners by proxy will be sent a bill.) NOTE: There will be a 3% service fee added for credit payments.

Info Links

Menu for the SuperBuffet (Dinner Buffet)
Donor is in parens after each item.

  • Appetizers: guacamole (Tommy Schell), salsa (Tommy Schell), and a surprise (Diane Hatfield)
  • Main dishes: picadillo (Mike Brabec), barbecued mussels (Richard Stettler), smoked brisket (David Schell), smoked bratwurst (Rod Smith and Sonya Hill-Smith), red chili (Judie McMath), roasted chicken (Kaye Brabec), vegan pot o’ chili (Terry Schultz), green chili (Terry Schultz)
  • Side dishes: broccoli salad (Sonya Hill-Smith), sweet potatoes (Sonya Hill-Smith), green salad (Marguerite Terze), roasted vegetables (Marguerite Terze), chuckwagon carrots (Kaye Brabec), mac n’ cheese (Laura Koselak), cornbread (Terry Schultz), corn muffins (Kaye Brabec), potato gratin (Betsy Fay-Saxon), spinach artichoke casserole (Betsy Fay-Saxon), kugel (Ed Benn), sourdough bread
  • Desserts: fudge (Tamsin and James Cowdery), cookies (Marguerite Terze), cupcakes (Marguerite Terze), chocolate cake or bread pudding (Terry Schultz), apple dessert (Kaye Brabec), peach cobbler (Judy Michali)
  • Drinks: a variety of liquid refreshment, including Superhero Punch (Kate Harrison) and apple cider and other beverages donated by Steve Dickey, Phyllis Smith, et al