How to Donate

We’re now accepting donations for the 2017 Auction! The deadline is noon on Sunday, October 15.

Already know what you want to donate? Use one of the options below. Not sure what to donate? Check out the Ideas for Donations section a little farther down this page. Questions or problems with any of these options? Email us at

Option 1: Online

To donate online, click here. This is the fastest and easiest way to get your donation to us. Please note:

  • This form can be used for personal or business donations. Read the Tips before filling out the form.
  • You can attach an image file (like a photo) to your form.
  • If you want a copy of your donation, print the completed form before you click the Submit button.

Option 2: Fill Out a Paper Form

If you’d rather write out your donation, click here to download the Personal Donation Form. Please note:

  • Use the back of the form if needed.
  • If you include a photo, we’ll use it to identify and market your item.
  • Deliver your completed form to church by 1) dropping it off at the Auction table on Sunday; 2) bringing it to the Admin Office between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm, Monday – Friday; or 3) mailing it to ASUUC, 730 N. Tejon St., Colorado Springs, CO 80903.
  • If you use PDF form-filler software to complete the form electronically, please use Save As… and add your last name to the file name, then email the file to

Option 3 – for Businesses: Fill Out the Business Donation Form

If you’re a business and want to donate, click here to download the Business Donation Form. Please note:

  • To have your completed form and donated item picked up, please call Rick Schwarz (719-661-0394).
  • Make a copy of your donation for your records before submitting it. (We will use your contact info to send you a receipt for your records.)

Ideas for Donations

The following types of items (examples in parentheses) have sold well in previous Auctions. As we get requests for specific donations, we’ll post them on this page … so check back.

  • Themed dinners (Pioneer Dinner; Old Fashioned Passover Seder; Downtown Abbey Dinner)
  • Themed parties (Kentucky Derby party; Poker Party; Olympic Solstice Celebration; Super Bowl Party)
  • Activities with food (Hike and Brunch; Bridge and St. Patrick’s Day Dinner; Snowshoeing and Gourmet Asian Meal)
  • Dinners with entertainment (Mambo Italiano Dinner and Floor Show; Murder Mystery Dinner; Wine and Films Night)
  • Places to stay (Cabin Near the Rio Grande; Beach Front Week in Mexico)
  • Custom-baked goods (Pumpkin Pie!!; Holiday Cookie Collection; Preserves)
  • Helpful services (yard work; home improvement; house cleaning; tile work)
  • Handmade crafts (Art Quilt; Hand Knit Scarves; Hand-Felted Bowl; UU Chalice)
  • Family-oriented activities/items (Children’s Chorale Holiday Concert; toy store gift certificate; large stuffed animals; Sky Zone Jump Pass; board games)
  • Lessons (piano; yoga; dance; figure skating; math)
  • Original jewelry or fine jewelry in excellent condition
  • Cooking tools in excellent condition
  • Home and garden (Jade plant; Bubbling Fountain)
  • Event tickets
  • Original, unique clothing (Hand-Painted Silk Scarf, Fairy Skirt)
  • Unique activities/items (International Folk Dance Party; Dog Gift Basket; Your Portrait in Big Band Music; Cruise Garden of the Gods in a Hot Rod)