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Use the form below for all types of donations – services, items, events, etc. When you’re done, click the Submit button; you’ll get an email confirming your donation. If you’re looking for donation ideas, check out our How to Donate page.


To help us promote your item:

  • Tell us the best time to call if we have questions.
  • In the Description field, say as much as you want. We’ll edit your description for the bidder’s catalog and for other uses, such as in Facebook posts.
  • If you’re offering more than 1 of the donation – for example, 6 seats at your gourmet dinner – put that number in the Number Offered field. (The default is 1.) NOTE: If you’re offering a package – such as a pair of show tickets for one lucky bidder – that counts as 1 in the Number Offered field.
  • If the donation has a specific value, put that in the Value per Offering/Seat field. NOTE: if you’re offering more than one (like 6 dinner seats), the value is for each one.
  • The default in the Minimum Bid field is 0, which means we’ll set the minimum bid for you. To set your own minimum bid, put that value in the Minimum Bid field. NOTE: We will not sell any item below the minimum bid.
  • Use the For Events Only fields only if your donation is an event.
  • If your event (or an item like show tickets) has a specific date, put that in the DATE OF EVENT field. (When you click the field, you get a calendar for choosing the date.) For events you’re scheduling, please put a date in the Weather Backup Date field if at all possible … it will help us avoid event conflicts that can put a damper on bidding.
  • If the event is unscheduled – for example, if the scheduling is to be coordinated with the winners – say that in the Description.
  • We might hold a Second Chance Sale for donations that went unsold on Auction Night. If you do not want your donation in that sale, please say so in the Notes field.
  • If you’re donating for a business, please put the business name in the Donor Name field, but give us your contact info in the other fields. In the Notes field, indicate that it’s a business donation; and give us some info we can use to publicize the business (like the URL of its web page).
  • If you attach an image, wonderful! We’ll use it at our careful discretion to promote your donation. (Limit is 1 image.)


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