Green and Social Action

We believe that promoting environmental responsibility and social justice are fundamental aspects of our spiritual journey. We act on this belief in a variety of ways.

Helping Those In Need

On the third Saturday of even months – February, April, June, August, October, and December – All Souls and High Plains church members gather at 7:00 am at the Marian House Soup Kitchen (downtown, on 14 W. Bijou St.) to help feed those who are homeless and/or in need in our community. To volunteer, email Dale Kemmerer.

The children and youth of our RE program participate in the Kiva program, which empowers people around the world by making micro-loans of $25 or less.

All Souls is a collection point for donations to Care and Share, an organization that distributes food to needy families throughout southern Colorado.

Helping Others Do Social Action

From time to time, we do a 50/50 offertory, in which half of all cash and checks collected that are not designated for another purpose are donated to a selected charitable organization. Some of our recipient charities are Inside Out Youth Services, Look What the Cat Brought In, Let the Kids Play, the Pikes Peak Threshold Singers, and the UUSC Nepal Emergency Relief Fund.

In addition, we use our Christmas Eve service offertory to fund the Minister’s Discretionary Fund, which is used to provide emergency help as it is needed.

Providing a Public Forum for Social Action Efforts

From time to time, at the request of church members, we make our space available for public forums on social action efforts. 2015 forums included presentations on the ColoradoCare ballot initiative, the dangers of America’s probate system, and on atheist Democrat’s experiences in Palestine.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Current green efforts include:

  • To reduce paper consumption, we now use electronic presentations during Sunday morning services.
  • We use single-point recycling for all church activities.
  • We compost the organic wastes from our kitchen activities.