Stained Glass Donors

The following members and friends have made donations of record to the Stained Glass Restoration Fund. Thanks to each of you for helping make the restoration possible! Thanks also to those who donated anonymously at our fundraisers.

Fran Anderson
Bob Armintor
Lauren and Mark Arnest
John Atkinson and Nancy Bentley
Ila Ayers
Marie Ballard
William Becker
Ed Benn
Lew and Wilma Biegelsen
Lisa Benson and Vivian Carswell
Susan Blocker
Jane Bloor
Stacy Bolden
Deborah Bonifas
Michael and Roberta Brabec
Julie Brady and Chris Brobin
Carol Bruce-Fitz
Pat Bryan
Christine and Ken Burdick
Deana and Peter Camp
David Campbell
Christina and Robert Ciccariello
Harriette Clark
Shelby Conques
Alma Cremonesi
Kate Crow
Lois Cunliffe
Shirley Czoschke and Ralph Rohrig
Ann and Steve Dickey
Karla Dickey
Chuck and Sheila Dunn
Tristen Faith
Yolanda Fiala
Michelle Freddolino and Greg O’Boyle
Marcia Garcia
Keith Hagel
Kelly Hann
Lois Hansen
Dottie Hardie
Gary and Rebecca Harrison
Gay and Scott Harrison
Jay Hatfield and Diane Page
Sarah Hautzinger
Shawn Hayes and Carla Lemmon
Mark Heinrich
Chris and Jennifer Heiss
Pam Henry
Debbie and Ty Herman
John Hills and Karen Meadows
Sonya Hill-Smith and Rodney Smith
Ed Hocker
Kimberley Hoff
Carol Hoffman
Pat Holley
Jennifer Hollingsworth
Debbie Hunter
Erika Hutchinson
Rev. Dr. Ellen and Barry Johnson-Fay
Sherri Jones
Jacqueline Keller
Heather and Leon Kelly
Dale Kemmerer
Claude and Michelle Kerno
Shelby Kindell
Catherine Kleinsmith
Richard Knapp
Barbara and Richard Kohlhaas
Lisa Korte
Jeremy and Laura Koselak family
David Lacey and Mary Lou Lacey-Kuehl
Rev. Jude LaFollette
Eana Lafont
Crystal Bliss Lardy
Georgene Lawson
Judith Lee
Mike Lee
Judith Light
Rich Lins
Judy Long
Joy Luther
Paul Malek
Charla McGaugh
Evony McKenna
Zena Mello
John Mergelman
Sandy Merrell
Lucy and Mo Michel
Peter Michelin
Chris and Wendy Mike
Carol and Jim Montgomery
Hunter Murchland
Deedle Murray
Diana Myers
Larry Norfleet
Polly Ogden
Jan Otto
Charles Peterson
Bonnie and Lew Phinney
Tara Pibel
Joyce and Robert Piersant
Mark Porter
Gail Protheroe
Mary Quan
Susan Quilleash-Nelson
Elizabeth P. Ragan
Sheree Rehema
George Reichel
Linda Riehl
Bennett Roberts
Diana Roberts
Larry Rochells
Shannon Root
Rev. Dr. Nori Rost
Tommy Schell
Leslie Jo Schilling
Terry Schultz
Rick Schwarz and Marguerite Terze
Christine Sermini
Phyllis Smith
Christy and Richard Stettler
Samantha Stevens
Dorrie Stewart
Phillip Stewart
Paige and Thomas Sturm
Angela and Paul Sullivan
Jazmine and Sheila Thomas
Sherry Toepfer
Jessica Trovik
Donna Van Hook
Vicki Vaughn
John Venezia
Debbie Warner-May
Phyllis and Elwood White
Jo Winn
Julie Willis
Karen Wilsey
Elroy Worner

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