Sunday Sermon Archive – 2015

This page contains our archived sermon recordings from 2015.

Sermons are listed in reverse chronological order. To listen, click the sermon title; to download, right-click the title and then choose the Download option from the drop-down menu. Remember: start listening with the volume lower, then increase it as needed.

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Dec. 13, 2015 – “Lest We Forget” by Rev. Dr. Nori Rost
(length: 20:54, size: 7.5 mb)

June 7, 2015 – “Who Are You and What Have You Done with My Minister!?” by Rick Schwarz
(length: 18:44, size: 6.7 mb)
To read the text of Rick’s remarks, click this link: June 7 Sermon Text.

May 31, 2015 – “Water the Plants” by Rev. Dr. Nori Rost
(length: 15:46, size: 5.7 mb)

May 24, 2015 – “The Ethics of Memory” by Rev. Dr. Nori Rost
(length: 14:19, size: 5.2 mb)
The audience observes approximately 27 seconds of memorial silence starting at about 13:06.

May 10, 2015 – “A Labor of Love” by Rev. Dr. Nori Rost
(length: 16:00, size: 5.8 mb)

May 3, 2015 – “Open the Door, See All the People” by Rev. Dr. Nori Rost
(length: 22:42, size: 8.2 mb)

Apr. 26, 2015 – “Yom HoShoah” by Rev. Dr. Nori Rost
(length: 20:04, size: 7.2 mb)

Apr. 19, 2015 – “Where the Rubber Hits the Road” by Rev. Dr. Nori Rost
(length: 23:04, size: 8.3 mb)
Note: This topic was chosen by 2014 All Souls Auction winners Jessie Trovik and Jennifer Heiss

Apr. 12, 2015 – “Guilty As Charged” by Rev. Dr. Nori Rost
(length: 31:18, size: 11.3 mb)

Apr. 5, 2015 – “Alleluia” by Rev. Dr. Nori Rost
(length: 14:25, size: 5.2 mb)
Note: This was the Easter Cantata, in which Rev. Nori’s remarks were interspersed between songs performed by the All Souls Choir. This recording contains only Rev. Nori’s remarks.

Mar. 29, 2015 – “The Power of One” by Rev. Dr. Nori Rost
(length: 19:08, size: 6.9 mb)

Mar. 22, 2015 – “Open Heart, Open Mind” by Rev. Kelly Dignan
(length: 21:31, size: 7.8 mb)

Mar. 15, 2015 – “Do You Hear What I Hear?” by Rev. Dr. Nori Rost
(length: 16:31, size: 4.0 mb)
Note: At 15:30, Rev. Nori mentions a YouTube video, produced by Spread The Message. That video can be viewed by following this link:
Homeless Man Shares Food With Others When Nobody Else Would

Mar. 8, 2015 – “Survival of the Kindest” by Rev. Dr. Nori Rost (with Sam Stephens)
(length: 26:04, size: 6.3 mb)
Note: Mentioned, but not included, is a local news report about a homeless man helping drivers stuck in the snow.

Mar. 1, 2015 – “Day by Day by Day” by Rev. Dr. Nori Rost
(length: 26:59, size: 6.5 mb)

Feb. 8, 2015 – “What a Privilege!” by Rev. Dr. Nori Rost
(length: 26:58, size: 6.5 mb)
Note: At 25:49, Rev. Nori mentions a future that “our privilege has cost us” – a reference to a YouTube video, “Imagine a World Without Hate (Official Video),” published by the Anti-Defamation League. That video can be viewed by following the link below. Also below is a link to the YouTube video, “Carrie Newcomer – Room at the Table,” which was shown after the Chalice Lighting.
     YouTube video: Imagine a World Without Hate (Official Video)
     YouTube video: Carrie Newcomer – Room at the Table

Feb. 1, 2015 – “Be the Punchline” by Rev. Dr. Nori Rost
(length: 13:15, size: 3.2 mb)
Note: This recording has been edited to exclude the offertories conducted as part of the sermon. Also excluded is the YouTube video, “Be the Punchline,” that was part of the Reading.

Jan. 25, 2015 – “Ethical Eating and a Subculture of Violence” by Kimberly Trogdon
(length: 17:40, size: 3.8 mb)

Jan. 18, 2015 – “WWMLKD?” by Rev. Dr. Nori Rost
(length: 23:17, size: 5.6 mb)