Agenda for 2017 Annual Congregational Meeting

The 2017 Annual Congregational Meeting of All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church will be held in the Great Hall at 12:00 noon on Sunday, May 21, 2017.

Per our Bylaws: A meeting of the members shall act on any business of the Church, other than ministerial call and dismissal, only if there is present a 20% quorum of members. The Church shall approve its annual operating budget and any other matters that result in funds disbursal, including Endowment Fund disbursal, if at least 75% of members present or represented by proxy vote to approve that financial matter.


  • Establish a quorum
  • Call to order
  • Lighting of the Chalice
  • Read the proxies into the minutes
  • Establish the meeting process
    NOTE: Members addressing the congregation during discussion of agenda items are asked to follow these rules:

    • 2 minutes for the person introducing the subject
    • 1 minute for each person speaking on the same subject
    • A person can speak only once until everyone has spoken … then can re-speak for up to 1 minute and only once
  • Items for Discussion and Vote
    • Approve minutes from the midterm meeting of the congregation – requires approval by at least 50% of the members present
    • Motion to become a host sanctuary congregation under the auspices of the Colorado Springs Sanctuary Coalition (as a host congregation, we will provide living space and hospitality to an immigrant or immigrant family) – requires approval by at least 90% of the members present
    • Motion to approve the slate of nominees for the Board of Trustees, as listed below – requires approval by at least 50% of the members present
      • Larry Norfleet, President
      • Charles Peterson, Vice President
      • Gary Harrison, Treasurer
      • Judie McMath, Secretary
      • Rick Schwarz, Past President
      • Bruce Leeson, Member at Large
      • Kate Harrison, Member at Large
      • NOTE: Jan Otto and Terry Schultz are returning for the second year of their 2-year terms
    • Motion to approve the nominee for Team on Ministry & Congregational Relations: Christina Dobler-Burdick – requires approval by at least 50% of the members present
    • Motion to adopt the budget for 2017-18 – requires approval by at least 75% of the members present
    • Motion to approve going into the Endowment Fund corpus (if needed) – requires approval by at least 75% of the members present
  • Announcement of Member Emerita: Lois Cunliffe
  • Appreciation of members
  • Extinguishing of the Chalice
  • Adjournment