Religious Exploration for Adults

Religious Exploration for Adults has three areas of activity: Affinity Groups, Covenant Groups, and Educational Classes. Each is described briefly below; for more details, click that link. Please check our weekly e-letter for a schedule of upcoming activities and meetings.

Affinity Groups let participants pursue a common interest in a format that works best for them. Group participants set their own meeting schedules and run their meetings on their own. Generally, these groups meet once a month, but groups can choose to meet more or less often.

Covenant Groups enable participants to share their beliefs on a predetermined subject in a guided setting where all participants pledge to support respectful sharing. These groups meet twice a month. The subject this year is our UU Seven Principles.

Educational Classes include seminars and other types of classes covering a variety of UU-based and other subjects. Meeting schedules depend on the class, and classes are run by the class leaders.

To participate in Covenant Groups and Educational Classes, you must sign up ahead of time. To sign up, get more information, or suggest new activities, please contact Rev. Dr. Nori Rost, our Senior Minister.