2022-2023 Pledge Drive

Board President’s Message

Dear All Souls Members and Friends,

This year’s pledge drive is an especially important one. Not only do we want to be a financially healthy church, but we also want potential ministerial candidates to know that we’re the kind of church that tackles and solves problems competently. We are reflecting our love for our church and want it to thrive. Also, we want things, like a RE staff (not to mention a new minister!) which require funds. Please read this information, prepared by the Stewardship Team, and please consider making a pledge that reflects both your financial means AND how much you care about this congregation’s future.

Julie Brady
President, All Souls Board of Trustees

Stewardship Team Message

Please see the ASUUC Pledging Guide to help you decide what to pledge this year.

Click here to make your 2022-2023 pledge.

Treasurer’s Message

Members can access the team’s entire messages here.