ASUUC Pledging Guide

How much should I pledge?


You know what you can afford! Please don’t pledge the groceries and the rent. But please don’t pledge the same token amount you give to, say, Public Radio, which has a completely different funding model than All Souls. No matter how much you pledge to Public Radio, you don’t own it; they won’t create a discussion group for you, or even call you when you are sick. No matter how little you pledge to All Souls, you do own it. This is YOUR church and community.


Perhaps the best income-based method for deciding on your pledge is the UUA Fair Share Contribution Guide. Click the link and follow the instructions.


The modern tithe is even simpler. Pledge 5% of your gross annual income to All Souls and give 5% to other worthy causes. Do that, and you will know you have done enough!


You don’t have to be rich to pledge to All Souls. Try this calculation: From your gross annual income subtract the Poverty amount for your size family. If the difference is negative, pledge $1 and contribute that $1 sometime during the fiscal year (July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023) so that you can vote at the Annual Meeting and thereby exercise your 5th Principle. If the difference is positive, multiply by 0.05 to get your annual contribution, and contribute that amount as you can.


If your income is uncertain or extremely irregular, guess what your annual income might be, multiply by 0.05, pledge that amount and contribute that amount as you are able during the fiscal year. (Combine this with the method above, if you like.) You can change your pledge at any time (let us know by pledging again), and if things get better/clearer, you are welcome to overpay your pledge.


How to pledge

The best way to pledge is online at This will not only get your pledge in the system, but will allow us to update your address, etc.


Another way is to e-mail your pledge to Please include your name(s) and any data that may have changed since last year (address, telephone number(s), email address(s), etc.).


Finally, as a last resort, you may mail your pledge to ASUUC, 730 North Tejon Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80903, or telephone the church office (719) 633-7717.


Please don’t make a pledge in the Zoom Chat on Sunday. It won’t reliably get captured.


E-mail questions to


Thank You for making a Pledge!