Giving is a vital spiritual activity at All Souls. Our members and friends use their time, talents, and money to nourish this church and support its work. We give in a variety of ways:

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Stewardship is how we sustain, on a day-to-day basis, our religious community and our work. It is the giving of our time and our money in planned ways. Acts of stewardship include:

  • Pledging our financial support for the church’s operating budget.
  • Paying our pledges during the church year.
  • Performing organized volunteer work as a member of a church team.
  • Taking our turn as a leader by being a team leader or a member of the Board of Trustees.


We sponsor several annual events and ongoing programs that support the Church throughout the year. See below for current activities, or check out the News & Events page for upcoming events.

  • Gift cards to King Soopers and Albertson’s/Safeway are available for sale in the Small Hall following services.  The cards are refillable and the church gets a percentage of the sales each time they are refilled.
  • Our annual Auction is coming up on October 20, 2018!  Find out more about our largest fundraiser of the year.


The Endowment Fund supports church efforts that go beyond day-to-day operations. Its principal comes solely from bequests made by our members and friends.


When members or friends have unexpected needs, our Caring Team helps organize meaningful gifts of time, money, and love.

Minister’s Discretionary Fund

Our Christmas Eve offertory goes to the Minister’s Discretionary Fund, which helps those in our community with urgent financial needs.