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Reading or watching past services provide a way to go back to something missed or review something you want to think more about. Visitors have a chance to experience All Souls UU Church before they come to a service. These resources posted are for personal use only. Please contact the church at if you would like to use these resources in your congregation. Enjoy!
TitlePresenterDateDescriptionVideo LinkTranscript
ThanksgivingJo WinnNovember 26, 2023Thanksgiving
Soil CommunionRev. Ron PharesNovember 19, 2023Rev. Ron Phares leads us in today’s Call to All Souls, the Ritual of Preparation and Centering, the “Soil Communion” Ceremony, and the Benediction. Soil Communion
Defiant Queer JoyRev. Sean Neil-BarronNovember 12, 2023Today’s reflection, by guest speaker Rev. Sean Neil-Barron, is “Defiant Queer Joy.” Defiant Queer Joy
Roots & WingsRev. Ron PharesNovember 5, 2023Roots & WingsRoots & Wings
We Celebrate All Souls/SamhainRev. Ron PharesOctober 29, 2023Today’s ceremony/homily by Rev. Ron Phares is a “Celebration of All Souls/Samhain.”All Souls/Samhain
The AncestorsRev. Ron PharesOctober 22, 2023Today’s reflection by Rev. Ron Phares is “Ancestors.”AncestorsThe Ancestors
For Such A Time As ThisRev. Dr. Terrlynn L. Curry Avery, Ph.D., MDivOctober 15, 2023Today’s sermon is “For Such A Time As This” given by our special guest Rev. Dr. Terrlynn L. Curry Avery, Ph.D., MDiv, author of “Dismantling Racism: Healing Separation from the Inside Out”.For Such as Time as This
The OthersRev. Ron PharesOctober 8, 2023Rev. Ron Phares reflects on “The Others” after giving his “Call to All Souls”.The OthersThe Others
CovenantRev. Ron PharesOctober 1, 2023Rev. Ron introduces us to “Our Collective Vision of Beloved Community” which states that All Souls is a community with a common purpose to foster an atmosphere where the Unitarian Universalist Principles may be learned and practiced, and lists several practices which we should all covenant to.Video:CovenantPinky Swear Covenant and ASUUC
Open-Hearted CommunityRev. Ron PharesSeptember 24, 2023Rev. Ron Phares reflects on an “Open Hearted Community” after giving his “Call to All Souls”.
This weeks service leader, Lynne Casebeer, also provides a reflection on an “Open Hearted Community”.
Video:Open-Hearted CommunityOpen Hearted, not Like Minded
Connection Centered CommunityRev. Ron PharesSeptember 17, 2023Rev. Ron Phares gives his “Call to All Souls”.
This weeks service leader, Justin Lincoln, and Rev. Ron Phares share their reflections on a “Connection Centered Community”.
Video:Connection Centered Community
Water CommunionRev. Ron PharesSeptember 10. 2023On Sunday, September 10th, lead by Rev. Ron Phares, All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church celebrated the beginning of the liturgical year with the traditional UU in-gathering ceremony of Water Communion. This is a ritualized celebration of community wherein each congregant is invited to bring water to pour into a common basin, and name with one or two descriptive words the character of the experience around the retrieving of the water. The idea is that each and all of these individual characteristics mingle into one cohesive substance. Individual waters become one water. Individual lives contribute to and become one community. It is a profound and invigorating way to begin our year together. Video:Water CommunionWater Communion '23
What We Have Learned About Working from Our Work ExperienceArran Huckstep, Jo Winn, and Justin LincolnSeptember 3, 2023Join us this Labor Day weekend as Arran Huckstep, Jo Winn, and Justin Lincoln share what they have learned from their work experiences about what makes work drudgery or fulfillment, and what this might suggest for changes in regulation.Video:What We Have Learned About Working
Making Space: Deconstructing ExpectationRev. Ron PharesAugust 27, 2023In this reflection, Re. Ron Phares (With responses from the RE kids) asks the congregation to look for, and do, "the good stuff".Video:Making SpaceMaking Space Deconstructing Expectation
Connection Centered CommunityRev. Ron PharesAugust 20, 2023In this reflection, Rev. Ron Phares explores some of his expectations in moving forward with All Souls.Video:Connection Centered CommunityA Connection Centered Community
Getting To Know YouRev. Ron PharesAugust 13, 2023In this first message as settled minister of All Souls, Rev. Ron Phares queries the congregation of All Souls as to what the congregation yearns for and as to what gifts the congregation brings to All Souls.Video:Getting to Know YouAbout the Minister