Religious Exploration

Through the Religious Exploration (RE) program, All Souls seeks to provide opportunities for spiritual development over a person’s entire life.


The Religious Exploration for Children and Youth program (cradle through high school) is overseen by our Director of Religious Exploration, Laurie Frydendall, and implemented in cooperation with our RE Team.


The Religious Exploration for Adults program is overseen by our Minister, Rev. Dr. Nori Rost.


See below for details on the major aspects of our RE programs. A schedule of upcoming activities and meetings is available in the ASUUC Weekly eLetter and in the All Souls Member Calendar.

RE for Children and Youth

We seek an outcome of respectful, responsible, life-loving kids who know they are valued for all of who they are and are ready to show others the same deep acceptance. Our programs create peer connections that break the patterns of a school or neighborhood social scene, allowing children to build genuine friendships across differences.


Programming and activities are available for these groups: Nursery – Pre-K, K – 3rd grade, 4th – 6th grade, YRUU Youth Group (junior high and high school), Coming of Age (CoA), and Our Whole Lives (OWL). RE runs from September through May with summer programming from June through August.


It’s 2018-2019 RE Registration time at All Souls! Please register your kids (babies through youth group) now so we can better plan, be informed, and keep you updated. There is no charge for RE registration. We ask that you complete a registration form EACH year.


Religious Exploration for Youth will focus on three different elements: Being UU which is curriculum based, Contemplate This! which is activity based, and Team Game Days which is team building based.


YRUU is designed for 7th through 12th graders. Our youth group’s goal is to strengthen our bonds with each other, our church, and our community while having fun and exploring ways to live out our UU principles.


7th-9th grade OWL is coming soon! Classes start September 23 following a mandatory parent-only orientation on September 16.


To sign up, volunteer, or get more information, please contact Laurie.

RE for Adults

RE for Adults has three areas of activity: Affinity Groups, Covenant Groups, and Educational Classes. Each is described briefly below. Please check our weekly e-letter for a schedule of upcoming activities and meetings.


Affinity Groups let participants pursue a common interest in a format that works best for them. Group participants set their own meeting schedules and run their meetings on their own. Generally, these groups meet once a month, but groups can choose to meet more or less often.


Covenant Groups enable participants to share their beliefs on a predetermined subject in a guided setting where all participants pledge to support respectful sharing. These groups meet twice a month.


Educational Classes include seminars and other types of classes covering a variety of UU-based and other subjects. Meeting schedules depend on the class, and classes are run by the class leaders. To sign up, get more information, or suggest new activities, please contact Rev. Dr. Nori Rost.