Religious Exploration

Through the Religious Exploration (RE) program, All Souls seeks to provide opportunities for spiritual development over a person’s entire life.


The Religious Exploration for Children and Youth programs (cradle through high school) are overseen by our Director of Religious Exploration and implemented in cooperation with our RE Team. The Religious Exploration for Adults program is overseen by our Minister.

Children and Youth stay in the service until after the Time for All Ages. We then sing the children out and they go downstairs. Parents of nursery and elementary children must come downstairs to sign their children out.

See below for details on the major aspects of our RE programs. A schedule of upcoming activities and meetings is available in the ASUUC Weekly eLetter and in the All Souls Member Calendar.

RE for Children and Youth

We’re thrilled to share some exciting changes we’ve made downstairs. We’ve relocated the nursery to a more spacious room, providing ample room for the children to enjoy. Additionally, our elementary/Spirit Play room has been transformed into a campsite-themed area, designed to evoke the sense of wonder and awe that many people experience while camping. Meanwhile, the youth space has been moved to the RE assembly area, and they’re currently in the process of redecorating their new space.


Registering for RE

We ask you to register all ages of child(ren)/youth who will be participating in our program.  Here is the current registration form.
This year, kids can pick out a prize after they have registered for RE. Please ask the DRE or one of the other teachers about prizes after you have registered.
Once you have registered, I will put children on the roster for their age group and parents can just initial that their child is here, note any changes, and sign them out at pick-up. We will also have a sign-in sheet for newcomers and visitors.


Programming and activities



In the nursery, children engage in playtime and may partake in creative crafting activities, all while receiving attentive and affectionate care from our dedicated nursery care provider and volunteers. The nursery is now located in the Pine room which is in the back of the RE wing.

Pre-K children may be in the nursery or join the elementary class, depending on child and parent preference.

Elementary/Spirit Play 

Our elementary-aged children gather downstairs in Room 3. Our session begins with an opening circle featuring a chalice lighting ceremony, introductions, and an engaging Spirit Play story. Afterward, the children can explore and select from a diverse array of activities, such as art projects, puzzles, engaging books, and a meditation tent. As we conclude, we come together for a closing circle, and then the children are dismissed to rejoin their parents.

Youth (6th-12th Grade) 

Our youth group meets twice monthly, involving students ranging from 6th to 12th grade. They gather in the RE assembly area downstairs. Currently, their focus is on the redesign of their meeting space and deliberations regarding potential field trips. Emphasizing the significance of allowing our youth to shape their own course and aspirations within the group, we actively encourage and welcome their valuable input. This youth group is in a state of evolution, and we are eagerly anticipating the exciting directions it may take in the coming year.

Special Events 

We had an RE Kick-off party this year and we are planning to have a Trunk-or-Treat after the Sunday service on October 29.

We look forward to planning more special events this year. We’re always open to suggestions and would love to hear from families about what kinds of special events you would like to see happening. Feel free to reach out, DRE.

OWL (Our Whole Lives)

We are working on getting OWL started this year. Stay tuned for future updates.

RE for Adults

Navigating Adulthood

Join us for Navigating Adulthood a  program for young and young-ish adults (aged 18 – 39)


  • Build Community: Come be with friends IRL, make new friends, discover the inter-generational richness of being with new adults, emerging adults, young adults, and young-ish adults moving into middle age.
  •  Support & Encourage: Come and share about navigating cultural and life stresses (climate change, political turmoil, marginalization, technology & social media, relationships, education & careers, sex, reproduction & family planning).
  •  Practice Wellness: Practice proven wellness techniques (forest bathing, breath work, grounding, yoga, tai chi), learn new coping skills and emotional regulation, explore self-soothing (helpful and harmful) and self-care.
  •  Have Fun: Field Trips & Socials including sushi night, pie night, karaoke night, campfires, drum circles & moonlight hikes and Eat Pizza!


We meet downstairs at ASUUC  12:30 – 3PM on 1st and 3rd Sundays.  Call or text 719-510-6981 for more info.


Affinity Groups let participants pursue a common interest in a format that works best for them. Group participants set their own meeting schedules and run their meetings on their own. Generally, these groups meet once a month, but groups can choose to meet more or less often.

Covenant Groups enable participants to share their beliefs on a predetermined subject in a guided setting where all participants pledge to support respectful sharing. These groups meet twice a month.


Educational Classes include seminars and other types of classes covering a variety of UU-based and other subjects. Meeting schedules depend on the class, and classes are run by the class leaders. To sign up, get more information, or suggest new activities, please contact our Minister.