Religious Exploration

In-Person and Weekly for the 2022-2023 Year!

We are very excited to begin our Fall curriculum beginning Sunday September 18!
Children begin the morning with their parents and adjourn to the RE space for a story or discussion, getting-to-know-you activities, and indoor or outdoor play. Because ventilation is not optimal downstairs, we recommend that CHILDREN and ADULTS WEAR MASKS downstairs. We do have air purifiers working downstairs as well as a supply of kid-sized masks.
See below for details on the major aspects of our RE programs. A schedule of upcoming activities and meetings is available in the ASUUC Weekly eLetter and in the All Souls Member Calendar.

Through the Religious Exploration (RE) program, All Souls seeks to provide opportunities for spiritual development over a person’s entire life.


The Religious Exploration for Children and Youth programs (cradle through high school) are overseen by our Director of Religious Exploration and implemented in cooperation with our RE Team. The Religious Exploration for Adults program, Faith Forward, is overseen by our Minister.


See below for details on the major aspects of our RE programs. A schedule of upcoming activities and meetings is available in the ASUUC Weekly eLetter and in the All Souls Member Calendar.


RE for Children and Youth

We seek an outcome of respectful, responsible, life-loving kids who know they are valued for all of who they are and are ready to show others the same deep acceptance. In our program we offer a brief introduction to Unitarian Universalist values, worship, and lore, as well as opportunities for children to socialize and converse in a safe and age-appropriate, fun atmosphere.  Parents are welcome to check out the program with their children! We often spend time outside, and our children usually dress very informally. Stay tuned for the 2022-2023 RE program brochure!

RE Registration: Please register your children attending RE, 1st-12th grade, so we can better serve our families. We ask that you complete this registration form so that we can keep our team and our families informed and updated. All communication will be electronically sent, so your registration is greatly appreciated! All RE programming is free of charge.

Programming and activities

Nursery-Pre-K: Our youngest UUs learned through our monthly YouTube videos.  The content is geared toward Pre-K and Kinder kids, but younger and older kids may also enjoy the fun video!  Over the past year, we produced one video a month for our little ones!  If you would like to revisit any of these 2020-2021 videos, use the links below:

K-12th Grade: Please stay tuned for more information on our 2022-2023 Religious Exploration curricula.

Youth Group/YRUU: Exciting! YRUU meets weekly in-person again.

From 10:30 to 11:45 a.m. we chill, reflect, talk and build connections and friendships. We are looking forward to familiar and new youth. Please join and stay tuned for more information as the school year takes off!

OWL (Our Whole Lives)

We are happy to report that 6th grade OWL will be held in-person at High Plains Unitarian.

The schedule includes 5 days of 2 workshop each (about 3 hours) on Saturdays and/or Sundays starting in October, 2022.

For more information contact Kristina Barnett.

RE for Adults

Navigating Adulthood

Check out the News & Events page for a  NEW young adult group: Navigating Adulthood (ages 18 – 39) hosted by HPUUC.

  • Build Community
  • Support & Encourage
  • Practice Wellness
  • Have Fun


Affinity Groups let participants pursue a common interest in a format that works best for them. Group participants set their own meeting schedules and run their meetings on their own. Generally, these groups meet once a month, but groups can choose to meet more or less often.

Covenant Groups enable participants to share their beliefs on a predetermined subject in a guided setting where all participants pledge to support respectful sharing. These groups meet twice a month.  Educational Classes include seminars and other types of classes covering a variety of UU-based and other subjects. Meeting schedules depend on the class, and classes are run by the class leaders. To sign up, get more information, or suggest new activities, please contact our Minister.