What is Stewardship?

Stewardship is how we sustain, on a day-to-day basis, this religious community and its work. It is the giving of our time and our money in planned ways. Acts of stewardship include:


  • Pledging our financial support for the church’s operating budget. We do this during the annual Stewardship (Pledge) Drive, through financial pledges for the next church year. These pledges drive the development of the budget the congregation approves at its annual meeting. New members are asked, when they join, to make a pledge for the rest of the current year.
  • Paying our pledges during the church year.
  • Doing organized volunteer work as a member of a church team.
  • Taking our turn as a leader by being a team leader or a member of the Board of Trustees


We Want to Hear From You

We’re examining whether our mission and vision statements are still helping us be the church we want to be. Please consider filling in the short survey below and let us know what All Souls means to you.

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Pledge Online!

You can make your pledge online using this form. Or, stop by the Stewardship Table in the Small Hall before or after service on Sundays.


Pledge Payment Methods


To ensure that your pledge payments are recorded accurately in our church records, and that you receive proper credit for your charitable contributions, please do the following when making pledge payments:


  • If paying by check, write the pledge year, e.g. 2024-25 pledge, in the memo line of your check.
  • If paying by cash, use an envelope, and write your name and write the pledge year, e.g. 2024-25 pledge, on the envelope.
  • If paying by credit card, set up the payment with the pledge year, e.g.2024-25 pledge, payment in your name.
  • If paying electronically – for example, by automatic payment from your bank account – please instruct your bank or other electronic payor to include your name and the pledge year, e.g. 2024-25 pledge,  with the payment.


Setting Up Automatic Payments to ASUUC


The following methods are available to set up automatic payments for your pledge to All Souls. These also work for any other payment you may want to make in the future (for example, to pay for auction items you won, or to make a one-time contribution against a matching fund offer). 

  • Pay with your credit card using the All Souls Online Donation PageNote: These mobile point-of-sale programs usually deduct credit card fees from your payment; therefore, this is our church’s least preferred donation method. If possible, please consider adding the credit card fee to your payment to ensure that the church receives the full amount of your payment.
  • Setup a ACH Bank Transfer using the All Souls Online Donation Page, whereby Breeze deducts your bank account directly (you supply the account numbers). The fee for this is around 1%, or about 1/3 of the fee for credit card donations.
  • Instruct your bank to send a check by U.S. Postal Service to All Souls. Your bank’s online option may list this service as “Bill Pay.” Have your check made out to All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church, or simply ASUUC. You can specify the frequency of payment (e.g., monthly), the date on which the payment should be sent, and the length of time that payments are to continue.
  • Have the funds electronically transferred from your account to the All Souls checking account. This on-line option from your bank is sometimes listed as “Transfers,” “Electronic Funds Transfers,” or “Bill Pay.” You can specify the frequency of payment (e.g., monthly), the date on which the payment should be transferred, and the length of time that payments are to continue. Contact the church office, if needed, to get the correct information for the All Souls checking account. Note: Electronic bank transfers are ASUUC’s preferred method to receive donations, as there is no fee deducted from the amount donated to the church; however, a transaction fee may be charged to your personal bank account. Please check with your bank, as not all banks charge a fee.


Legacy Circle

The Legacy Circle honors those who have donated to the endowment fund in their last requests. Please join them and include All Souls in your Estate Plan. Contact your financial advisor or attorney to set up the paperwork.