A Month of Sundays

July 7: Censoring Citizenship

Recently the Supreme Court overturned an attempt by the White House to include citizenship status on the upcoming 2020 census. Join us as we kick off our July theme of Freedom and Responsibility by looking at what does it mean to be a citizen of the United States? Is that based on a birth certificate or a life’s work?

Religious Exploration – Have you always wanted to learn a little Spanish? Today is your chance! Come take a beginning Spanish class with Ginny Rodriguez as we find some fun ways to learn a bit about this lovely language. Already know Spanish? Come share your knowledge.

July 14: Free to Be Me and You

This Sunday Colorado Springs celebrates Pride and many of our members (and our minister) will be marching in the Pride Parade. Join us as Eclectic Voices, our dramatic reading group offers a service filled with Pride for those who can’t, or choose not to, march.

Religious Exploration – Today will be an intergenerational service. Children and youth are invited to join us in service. There is no RE or Youth Group but nursery/PreK care is available. Their sign-up sheets will be downstairs. We have purple Doodle Boxes in the Great Hall for those that like to keep their hands busy.

July 21: Get Your Laws Off My Body

Recently we have watched in horror as many states have passed oppressive laws regarding women’s reproductive rights, some so severe as to make the ability to choose abortion almost impossible. Join us as we discuss the inherent right of all women and gender-nonconforming folks who have the ability to get pregnant, to determine whether or not an abortion is the best choice for them to make. Rev. Rost will also provide ways in which we can support those who these oppressive laws impact most.

Religious Exploration – Ancient Egyptian mythology was an important and beautiful religion. Join our guests Angel and Gabbi Starker as they explore the ancient gods and paint an Egyptian amulet of protection!

July 28: Guest Speaker!

This Sunday we are honored to welcome back to All Souls, a very special guest speaker, Rev. Mark Kiyimba, minister of New Life Unitarian Church in Kampala, Uganda. Rev. Kiyimba was the 2012 recipient of the prestigious NEA Virginia Uribe Award for Creative Leadership in Human Rights. He will talk with our congregation about his school and orphanage that is part of his ministry in Uganda as well as his vocal opposition to the stringent anti-gay policies the government has been trying to enact.

Religious Exploration –