A Month of Sundays

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Sunday Worship  Time: 10:30am-11:30am MT

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Religious Exploration (RE) Grades 1-7:  9:30am-10:15am MT

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January Theme: Imagination

January 3: Imagine a World Led With Love

As we begin a new year, we will take some time to reflect on lessons we’ve learned from 2020. Going into 2021 Rev. Rost will explore what this new year would look like if we prefaced every decision or action with the question, What would Love do?

Religious Exploration – With safety measures and protocol in place, we will be holding our annual Ice Service at Acacia Park’s Outdoor Ice Rink today from 10am-12pm. Pre-Registration was required for this event due to the limited capacity of the ice rink. If you did not RSVP by 12/19 and would like to attend, you can attempt to register separate from our group at https://downtowncs.com/event/skate-in-the-park/

January 10: Imagine a World Without Fear

Rev. Rost is back out on the road and will be speaking a week early about the life and legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Join us as we explore a key moment in Dr. King’s life that forever shaped the Civil Rights movement.

Religious Exploration – Soul Matters (1st-4th grade): “Imagine a World Without COVID” Today we begin our new monthly theme, “Imagination,” by using ours to dream about days without the virus. We’ll explore this through play, meditation, song, sharing, and creating our own poem of hope!

Crossing Paths (5th-7th grade): “Map Day: Surveying the Catholic Landscape” We’ll begin exploring Catholicism by looking at the history and numbers of this religion. We’ll also look at an important symbol, the crucifix, as well as learn about Pope Francis. We’ll have some fun playing a game related to the Catholic view of sin and salvation.

January 17: Imagine a New Religion

Today we celebrate the founding of All Souls in 1891. This congregation joined a still young Unitarian movement that has its roots in the Unitarian Controversy sermon preached by William Ellery Channing in 1819. Join us as Rev. Rost explores this key moment and how it forever shaped the faith we claim.

Religious Exploration: Today is our monthly day off in RE. Enjoy this holiday weekend and take some time to reflect with your family, what does Martin Luther King Jr. mean to us today? Here’s a great video to watch together about MLK Jr. as told by Kid President The Story of Martin Luther King Jr. by Kid President – YouTube

Can you imagine a better world than what we have today? What would that look like?

January 24: Imagine One Nation, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All

On this first Sunday with a new administration in Washington, DC, Rev. Rost will explore the possibilities that lie before us as well as the healing we need to do to mend the tears in the fabric of our nation.

Religious Exploration: Soul Matters (1st-4th grade): “Think Outside the Box” This Sunday, we use our 5th UU source, “the use of reason and the discoveries of science,” to guide our discussion today. We’ll begin by exploring different ways to use an actual box, read the story of “Westlandia,” travel into space (way outside the box) and under a microscope (way inside the box) with a video, and lastly play a box game!

Crossing Paths (5th-7th grade): “Tack Day: Connections between Catholicism and UU” Today we’ll take a closer look at some Catholic Saints and the struggles they’re related to, as well as take a BuzzFeed quiz, “Who’s Your UU Heriox?” We’ll learn more about the Rosary and relate it’s four types of mysteries to our own UU thinking. This relation will guide us in our craft of making a “Four Mysteries Bracelet.”

January 31: Imagine That!

Join us for a much needed laugh as All Souls brings back Humor Sunday! Be prepared for quips, puns, and jokes that will have you laughing—or at least groaning—through the service.

Religious Exploration: Soul Matters (1st-4th grade): “Visit Other Worlds” Today we’ll explore fabulous fantasy worlds! We’ll get our imaginations going by creating our own fantasy world, then watch an animated short called “Soar.” We’ll take a look at some famous movie scenes watching the transitions from the real world to pretend! Our discussion questions will be; how can these worlds help us and how do they make you feel?

Crossing Paths (5th-7th grade): “Summit & Lake Day: Virtual Visit, Interview, and Reflection” On our last day of the month, we’ll end the exploration of Catholicism by taking a virtual visit to a Catholic church and see part of their mass and rituals. We also have a life-long Catholic joining us for the interview, our own DRE’s sister-in-law will be zooming in from North Carolina today. We’ll end with some reflection about our journey this month.