A Month of Sundays

March 3: Fat Sunday with Tribe!

It’s that time of year again. Join us on the Sunday before Lent, for what is perhaps our most popular service as local band Tribe shares authentic New Orleans Mardi Gras Jazz and Board Vice President, Wendy Mike, shares stories about Mardi Gras in the African American tradition. Also, it’s CHOCOLATE COMMUNION! There will be an opportunity to taste and remember how sweet life is!! A service you won’t want to miss!
Religious Exploration – Today will be an intergenerational service as we celebrate Fat Sunday. Children and youth are invited to join us in this fun and music filled service. There is no RE or Youth Group but nursery/PreK care is available. Their sign-up sheets will be downstairs. We have purple Doodle Boxes in the Great Hall for those that like to keep their hands busy. Please note that there WILL be an OWL class at noon.

March 10: It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s —-

No, it’s not Superman, but in this service auction win, Scott and Gay Harrison have asked Rev. Rost to speak on the spiritual lessons super heroes can teach us. So join us as Rev. Rost explores spiritual themes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and what they can teach us mere mortals.
Religious Exploration – Have you ever observed an animal showing another animal or a person compassion? How we can show kindness for all of the living beings in the interdependent web of all life? Explore these ideas with us as we look at Kindness in Nature in our Air Element class. Where do your clothes and food come from? Come dig a little deeper as we examine why some people think they are better than others as we look into Making Visible the Invisible in our Fire Element class.

March 17: Make It So, Number One.

Three years ago our congregation approved funding for a one year position to help us strengthen our infrastructure and communication so we can continue to grow into the future. Join us as long time All Souls Member, Rick Schwarz shares some of the things he’s unearthed in the past year in his current gig as our Congregational Administrator. Here’s his chance to tell us how he’s making it so that we can go into the future more vibrant, more connected, more engaged.
Religious Exploration – Our Air Element Class (for younger kids) will be exploring Green Energy and its importance in the interdependent web. How can we save energy and what are ways we waste energy? How can we make green energy choices? Our Fire Element Class (for older kids) will be examining Images of Injustice. Did you know that Charles Dickens was a Unitarian? Today, we get more information about the world than anyone in Dickens’ time could. Our world certainly has extreme poverty but do we get information about the people living in poverty? Maybe we need another Charles Dickens today!

March 24: Listening to Our Bodies.

In our busy lives and stressful environments, it can be easy to forget we actually are embodied creatures. It’s much easier to live in our heads and forget the soft body we inhabit. Join us Rev. Rost talks about the importance of listening to our bodies, our breath, and our heartbeats.
Religious Exploration – Today will be a Contemplate This! Day with Beth Green, a professional yoga instructor. Come experience why so many are incorporating yoga into a typical day.

March 31: Going, Going, Gone!

Now that we’ve remembered we have a body, it’s time to face the fact that one day, that’s all that will be left of us! What do we do with the husk that remains after our death? That’s what service auction theme winners Kate, Becky and Gary Harrison want to know. Join us as Rev. Rost explores alternatives to the traditional funeral and coffin burial practice common in the USA today, particularly about ways to benefit society after you’re gone. We’ll also take a look at other burial rituals from history.