A Month of Sundays

As we begin this new year and new decade, this month’s overarching theme is Integrity. How do we live lives of integrity? We will explore this in different ways through the following service themes.

January 26: NIMBY

In our first auction win, Rev. Nori will explore how racial segregation in housing was encoded into local, state and federal laws for over 100 years, the ramifications of that and what justice calls us to seek in response. Thanks to Barb Kohlhaas for this challenging and important topic.

Religious Exploration – This Sunday will be an intergenerational service. We invite the children to stay for worship service and be apart of our larger church community.

This month’s [February] theme is Resilience. How can we be bounce-back people, able to deal with whatever life throws us, responding rather than reacting? We will be looking at this through a variety of lenses. See below for our weekly themes.

February 2: We’re Still Standing

This Sunday kicks off our annual Stewardship campaign. Join us as Rev. Nori explores how the resilience of those who have come before have brought us to this point, where we’re still standing strong. She will also introduce this year’s Stewardship Theme: 2020 Vision. What vision do we have for All Souls as we enter into this new year and decade? How can we make sure we’re seeing clearly where we need to go and what we need to do to continue to be the voice of liberal religion in the Pikes Peak region?

Religious Exploration – Finding Resilience Through… Our Grit. Today RE will be exploring, what is grit and how can I use it? Grit is the courage, and sometimes stubbornness, to keep going in the face of failure and obstacles that are put in our way. We all need grit to make it through those hard times that seem like they may never end. We’ll practice using our grit in several ways and create a wheel of coping skills to take home.

February 9: Oh, Evolve!

That’s what a popular bumper sticker proclaims and we’ll be exploring evolution as we celebrate the 211th birthday of Charles Darwin. Not only will we be looking at how Darwin’s theory of evolution changed our world, but we will also explore how we can still evolve as humankind to create a better version 2.0 of ourselves.

Religious ExplorationFinding Resilience Through… Each Other. This month’s theme is about resilience, our grit keeps us going on even after sad or hard things happen. Love can feel like the glue that holds us together, and that helps put back the pieces of our broken hearts. Being loved also feels like getting your breath back. Love fills us up. We are, in a sense, “loved back to life.” We are able to keep on going when we have other people to give us support. In our classrooms, we’ll explore the importance of loving our family and friends in hard times and celebrate how we can be “loved back to life.”

February 16: Roots Hold Me Close, Wings Set Me Free!

Being resilient means being able to experiment with life without fear of falling. This week Rev. Nori will explore how being rooted and grounded in who we are gives us the power to soar as high as we want.

Religious ExplorationFinding Resilience Through… Our Humor. Laughter is something which makes us feel good inside; it kind of brings to life that giant smile that we have inside of us. When hard times happen, if we can hold on to our laughter, it helps us be resilient by pulling our attention away from sadness or hurt. It also puts things into perspective, and in doing so makes the bad things seem not so big. You can bet on laughing a lot this Sunday in RE!

February 23: Fat Sunday!

This is the Sunday you’ve been waiting for all year! Join us as local band Tribe plays authentic New Orleans Mardi Gras jazz with narration about the history of African Americans and Mardi Gras. There will be dancing! Beads will be thrown! And a special King Cake after. You won’t want to miss this service.

Religious Exploration – This Sunday will be an Intergeneration Service. We invite the children to stay and be a part of our larger church community as we celebrate Fat Sunday!