A Month of Sundays

October 27: Diamonds and Rust

Joan Baez was the voice of conscience for an entire generation. Her music drew from many traditions: music as protest, social commentary, exploring the pain of human existence, and singing songs that bring people together as only music can. Join us on this special Sunday, as our own talented Wendy Mike, along with Ecclectic Voices and the All Souls band, share through story and song how the music of Joan Baez has impacted her through the years and remains relevant now.

Religious Exploration –  Yoga for kids. Principle 1: I stand in my strength ~all people are important. Lenora Degen, children’s yoga teacher, will bring a yoga class to our youth. Lenora represents a non-profit organization, Peaceful Warriors, whose goal is to bring the benefits of yoga to children and families regardless of income. Mats will be provided.

November 3: Space and Time

This month as we explore the theme “Paying Attention.” Rev. Nori will begin by taking a look at how we pay attention to our lives in the space and time where we are. We will awake this morning with an “extra” hour as we fall back into standard time. While the time change makes many of us sleepy, it also seems that many of us are sleepwalking through our days. How can we wake up, take off the filters and live in the now? This service will feature special music by the All Souls Band.

Religious Exploration – Curriculum days are here!! We will meet in our age-appropriate classrooms when we leave service. November brings our monthly theme to “attention”. This week we will be exploring kindness and bringing our attention to the needs of others. Please check the registration form to make sure your kid is signed into the appropriate classroom.

November 10: In the Living Years

In this special service, our very own A.B. Lugo will share poetry from his book which features poems about the death of his parents a few years ago and the birth of his son, Dani Phoenix. He will use his poetry as a springboard to talk about the cyclical nature of life and how we can keep ourselves at the center of it as we pay attention to the relationships that matter most. This service will feature special music by the All Souls Band.

Religious Exploration – We will be exploring the monthly theme focusing on, “Attention to the Now: Practicing Mindfulness.” We’ll learn about Thich Nhat Hanh, a Buddhist monk, and practicing one of his meditations. We’ll also explore mindfulness and attention through an age-appropriate craft.

November 17: Ambushed into Attention

In this service Rev. Nori will talk about the wonderful lessons and compassion we can receive from nature if only we pay attention to what the vast and diverse choir of nature is singing. This service will feature special music by the All Souls Choir.

Religious Exploration – This week, our attention will be on “The Beauty Around Us: Practicing Gratitude.” We will explore the ideas of gratitude and giving thanks through story and discussion. We’ll also practice the skill of expressing gratitude and appreciation by writing our own thank you cards.

November 24: I Am Saying Thank You

Join us for this special service as we focus on all there is that deserves our gratitude and praise. While the Thanksgiving Myth we were taught in school falls far from the truth of the history of the early European colonists, it’s still good to have a day or season to remind us to say thank you, to life, to our loved ones, to the mystery. This service will feature special music by the All Souls Choir.

Religious Exploration – Intergenerational service. Kids are invited to stay for the service upstairs with the adults. As always, the purple doodle boxes are available for kids to color during service.