A Month of Sundays

The theme for October is Belonging. What does it mean to belong somewhere? How does having a sense of belonging make you feel? Join us this month as we explore what it means to belong in a variety of ways.

October 6: Who Rescued Who?

Join us for our annual Blessing of the Animals service as Rev. Nori shares about the many blessings pets give us. We often think we rescue our pets but more often than not, they rescue us! All pets are welcome at this special service. There will be a section reserved for people who are allergic to animals or nervous around them.

Religious Exploration – Intergenerational Service. Nursery is open. There are purple doodle boxes available when you enter the Great Hall.

October 13: The Church of What We Know

For this special service, guest speaker and musician, Peter Mayer will help us explore how UUs fit into the big U by sharing about what science tells us about the story of the universe, etc. and how Unitarian Universalism can help us develop a spiritual relationship to that story. Peter Mayer will also be providing special music, including his song, “Blue Boat Home”

BIO: Peter Mayer is a Unitarian Universalist guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, touring musician and recording artist in Nashville, Tennessee. With his unique writing style, distinctive voice and virtuoso musicianship, Mayer creates compelling and soulful music for an electrifying live performance. Mayer has released 13 albums to date and tours year round with the Peter Mayer Group. He is the lead guitarist in Jimmy Buffett’s Coral Reefer Band and has shared the stage with a variety of artists such as James Taylor, Don Henley, Joe Walsh and Ringo Starr. But we know him best as the person who wrote our beloved hymn, “Blue Boat Home,” and the song, “Everything is Holy Now.”

Religious Exploration – Come, come, as you are, all ages to learn about transforming our world of conflict with our own personal wisdom and tools we already have! Mike will bring some of his weapons which have been forged into gardening tools. And there will be music! Principle Number 6: I am a Peacemaker. Mike Martin with RawTools Tools of Transformation.

October 20: There’s No Place Like Home

With increasing ways to be connected on a global scale, still many people find themselves lonely. Most of us are longing for a sense of home, for the security and peace that comes from knowing there is a place you can go where you are loved and accepted as you are. So shake off the Auction hangover from the night before and join us as Rev. Nori shares the way home.

Religious Exploration – Heidi Cooper and Jesse Trovik will teach around Restorative Justice, restoring relationships and the connection to the Jewish high holy day, Yom Kippur.

October 27: Diamonds and Rust

Joan Baez was the voice of conscience for an entire generation. Her music drew from many traditions: music as protest, social commentary, exploring the pain of human existence, and singing songs that bring people together as only music can. Join us on this special Sunday, as our own talented Wendy Mike, along with Ecclectic Voices and the All Souls band, share through story and song how the music of Joan Baez has impacted her through the years and remains relevant now.

Religious Exploration –  Yoga for kids. Principle 1: I stand in my strength ~all people are important. Lenora Degen, children’s yoga teacher, will bring a yoga class to our youth. Lenora represents a non-profit organization, Peaceful Warriors, whose goal is to bring the benefits of yoga to children and families regardless of income. Mats will be provided.