A Month of Sundays

As we begin this new year and new decade, this month’s overarching theme is Integrity. How do we live lives of integrity? We will explore this in different ways through the following service themes.

January 5: Fire of Commitment

We start this year as we always do: with a fire communion. In this important service Rev. Nori will help us explore who we want to be in the coming year and what we commit to doing to take the world and realities we’ve been given and be the change for good. As always, we get to play with fire!!

Religious Exploration – RE will host the ICE service for this Sunday taking a walking field trip to Acacia Park’s Ice-Skating Rink. Cookies and hot chocolate will be provided. A $5 donation is appreciated but not required for this trip.

January 12: Founders Day

Join us as we celebrate 129 years of being All Souls and 127 years of being in our beautiful building. In this special service we will explore who we’ve been, who we are, and who we want to become.

Religious Exploration – Today will be a curriculum day as we explore the monthly theme of “integrity” and being true to yourself by walking the talk. We’ll practice the skill of putting our beliefs in action and explore doing instead of just thinking or talking.

January 19: Seven Ways of Looking at Pointless Suffering

We can all, without much effort, think about ways that we have encountered suffering–in our own life, in the larger world, and in the areas of social justice, which animates many of us. How come that happened? How? Why? What in the world? As we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. our community minister, Rev. Roger Butts will explore with us seven different approaches to trying to make meaning, come to understanding around the question of pointless suffering.

Rev. Roger is a chaplain at Penrose Main and an affiliated community minister with All Souls

Religious Exploration – To honor Martin Luther King’s work and life this weekend, in RE we will explore the ways in which we feel the most ourselves by being a part of a group and working for the greater good. We’ll practice the skill of working for justice as a group, taking our 6th UU Principle into action. Today will be a day to find and feel the integrity of “we.”

January 26: NIMBY

In our first auction win, Rev. Nori will explore how racial segregation in housing was encoded into local, state and federal laws for over 100 years, the ramifications of that and what justice calls us to seek in response. Thanks to Barb Kohlhaas for this challenging and important topic.

Religious Exploration – This Sunday will be an intergenerational service. We invite the children to stay for worship service and be apart of our larger church community.