A Month of Sundays

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Sunday Worship  Time: 10:30am-11:30am MT

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Religious Exploration (RE) Time: Sunday 9:15-10:15am MT

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September 5: Five Smooth Stones

Rev. Roger Butts, who has served All Souls as a Community Minister and is now a member of the Ministerial Transition Team, talks about his UU Journey and his role in helping us move forward through the interim process.

Religious Exploration: No RE–Enjoy your day off and we will see you next week!

September 12: Where did we come from? Where are we now? Where are we going?

These are questions we ask ourselves as we face transitions in life. Members and friends of All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church will have many opportunities to address these questions as we travel together during this time of transition between settled ministers. Sonya Bergeron will be sharing her own answers to these questions and will be talking about her individual relationship with the Ultimate through the years. She will be using a Lifemap as described by David Hodge in his book Spiritual Assessment. Her message will be an introduction to the Lifemap pictorial instrument, which is an illustrated account of one’s relationship with the God, the Ultimate, Spirit of Life — depicting events that are of spiritual significance over time. During the upcoming months, individuals in our beloved community are invited to create their own Lifemap. We will have meetings for sharing with one another. The Lifemaps will helps us to see where we come from and where we are now. With this clearer understanding, we will become more prepared to imagine where we are going.

We’re going to all-Zoom services, but we are still going to do a Water Communion service on 9/12. Perhaps you went somewhere special this year and thought to save some water from that place, but…probably not, so our request is that between now and 9/11, collect some water while doing something important to you. Perhaps you are watering your garden or walking near a creek. Be creative! Between 9/7 and 2pm on 9/11, put your container in the collection box on the ramp next to the back door of the church. We’ll bring the containers inside each day. On 9/11, we’ll record the pouring of the waters into the community bowl. Then, during the water communion ceremony on 9/12, we’ll show the video and invite you to enter your words about the special meaning of your donated water in the ZOOM Chat.

Religious Exploration: Curricula Day! Hooray for our first day of the 2021-2022 e-RE year! It’s not too late to register your children! Click here to join our awesome group of young UUs!

Signs of Our Faith (1st-4th Grade) – During our first session of Signs of Our Faith, our children will learn about the importance of signs, symbols, and rituals. We will discuss how rituals range from massive celebrations to everyday actions.

Riddle and Mystery (5th-8th Grade) – The first session of Riddle and Mystery asks the Big Question: “Where do we come from?” We will explore Big Questions each week through song, WIT (What I Think) time, and roleplaying.

September 19: Resilience The Rev. Christine Robinson

These are days that try our resilience…our ability to keep on keeping on through change, challenge, and adversity.  Getting through this long and uncertain pandemic is one long practice of this human trait, so I thought I’d talk about it, with the help of my little dog Mosby, who has actually LOVED the pandemic but who faced an adversity of his own with great aplomb. 

Religious Exploration: UU Principles Day!

Join us this Sunday as we dive deep into the first UU Principle: We believe that each and every person is important. Each month we will explore one of the Seven UU Principles through stories, crafts, songs, rituals, and more!

September 26: Wiki Faith -Rev. Christine Robinson

A Wiki, as you may know if you have ever consulted Wikipedia, is a jointly created document meant to explain a topic the authors care about.  There are ways in which our UU faith is like Wikipedia, and I’ll talk about that this week.  If you feel you could use a basic introduction to Unitarian Universalism, or a refresher, this is the sermon for you!

Religious Exploration: Curricula Day!

Signs of Our Faith (1st-4th Grade) – This session sets a stage and expectations for our children to grow in Unitarian Universalist leadership. We will explore what makes a leader a great leader in different aspects of our lives, and how we can be great leaders!

Riddle and Mystery (5th-8th Grade) – This session will open the question “What are we?” We will explore how we identify as UUs through our Principles and Sources, and discuss how UU is a religion of action as well as belief and thought.