We’re a different kind of religious community – compelled not by creeds, but by a common goal of global justice and personal wholeness. We celebrate the spiritual journey, and we believe that diversity is a strength. We strive to offer creative, meaningful opportunities for spiritual exploration and fulfillment. And we love visitors.




At All Souls we seek to include the full diversity of our broader community, including people with/from all socio-economic situations, gender identities, beliefs, ages, sexual orientations, mental and physical abilities, races and ethnicities. Therefore, we are examining all the ways in which we embody being a welcoming and inclusive community, and removing any barriers to this that currently exist that might prevent people from being fully welcomed into and involved in our church.

January 14, 2018 – Martin and Malcolm in America This year as we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Rev. Rost will exploring the similarities and differences between Dr. King and Malcom X, another important African American at the forefront of the civil rights movements. She will also be exploring the relationship between the two men and how each shaped the other’s philosophies and learned from one another.

January 21, 2018- If These Walls Could Speak This Founder’s Day we celebrate the 125th anniversary of being in this beautiful building. Rev. Rost will discuss ways in which this building held us and what it means to be a brick and mortar church in an internet age.

Religious Exploration

January 14, 2018- Being UU! We return to our Being UU curriculum. The Air Element class will explore Love Surrounds us in Ritual and the Fire Element class takes a look at the democratic process with chalk representing the tool of the day.

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