We’re a different kind of religious community – compelled not by creeds, but by a common goal of global justice and personal wholeness. We celebrate the spiritual journey, and we believe that diversity is a strength. We strive to offer creative, meaningful opportunities for spiritual exploration and fulfillment. And we love visitors.




At All Souls we seek to include the full diversity of our broader community, including people with/from all socio-economic situations, gender identities, beliefs, ages, sexual orientations, mental and physical abilities, races and ethnicities. Therefore, we are examining all the ways in which we embody being a welcoming and inclusive community, and removing any barriers to this that currently exist that might prevent people from being fully welcomed into and involved in our church.

December 10, 2017 – #standup4humanrights — This Sunday we will kick off the 70th year of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights by also observing the 5th anniversary of the Sandy Hook mass murder that took the lives of 20 first graders and six adults were gunned down in Newton, Conn. we join with over 200 faith and gun violence prevention organizations in towns and cities in 40 states, DC, and the Netherlands during the 5rd anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting to honor all victims of gun violence weekend. This is a timely topic as the “prize” for deadliest shooting just keeps getting surpassed. Join us as Rev. Rost explores what does our faith call us to do to end gun violence in our communities? How can we ensure we’ve done all we can to keep our families safe while honoring the second amendment of our Constitution? How can we #standup4humanrights so that we need not loss more people to the slaughter of unchecked availability of weapons of war and limitless ammo?
NOTE: There will be a follow-up community event, co-sponsored with Moms Demand Action to End Gun Violence and others at All Souls this evening at 5 PM. Join us for this candlelight vigil as Michael Martin of RAWtools beats a gun into a garden implement.

December 17, 2017 – Join us for service on December 17th for our first annual presentation of The No Rehearsal Christmas Pageant! — This fun, meaningful, and rehearsal-free intergenerational live reenactment of the Christmas Story will revisit why every child brings us hope! All ages are invited to participate at their own comfort level; whether wearing a costume, singing carols, or bearing witness from the pews.

Religious Exploration

December 10, 2017 – This will be a Contemplate This! Day as we practice the art of yoga
led by a certified yoga instructor! Be sure to have your kids dress comfortably for movement as we take the
opportunity to practice centering and being fully present. This yoga class is designed for our Air and Fire classes (Kindergarten through 6th grade).

December 17, 2017 – RE presents the No Rehearsal Christmas Pageant. Bring the whole family as we reenact the Christmas Story on the fly complete with costumes and revisit why every child brings us hope! There are many roles and levels of participation for all ages so come be a part of this magical intergenerational morning. Of course just watching is an option too! Nursery/PreK care will be available.

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